• Where did you train to be a massage therapist?
    California College of Physical Arts
  • Do most people take their underwear off?
    I’d say half and half.  You will always be draped with me (this means there will be a covering to keep you secure).  However, I do suggest if you need glutes, thighs, or lower back worked on, it’s probably best to not wear something large like boxers or long shorts.  Massage can be done over the sheet or draping, but it’s very limited over fabric.
  • How often should I get a massage?
    I believe we should have a massage every day.  However, that is usually impossible for people.  To receive a professional massage is rather spendy.  It is needed to maintain what your therapist has worked on, but because it’s not ideal to spend $60+ every single day, or even week, going at least once every 2 weeks or once a month is recommended for those who cannot afford to go more often.  I do recommend clients do their homework at home between sessions, such as stretching, drinking plenty of water, and taking time to relax in a bath or jacuzzi if possible.  If a client has a massage tool, friend, or partner to work on their trouble areas, that is great too.
  • What should I expect on my very first massage?
    It’s recommended to come in 15 to 20 minutes before your actual treatment time.  You will have to fill out a quick form and your therapist will want to briefly discuss your trouble areas.  You will be asked if you need to use the restroom before the session starts, and also to undress to your comfort level.  Depending on where your therapist would like to begin, your therapist will ask you to be under your draping (sheet) and lying in a position that will help them attack your problem areas.  After your session, you will dress, and your therapist may discuss a personalized regimen for between your session and the next session, as well as bring you a cup of water.  You will be asked to drink plenty of water to help move lymph or lactic acid buildup (toxins) through your body.