About Kyong-Mi

Trevor and I at The Republik in Honolulu, HI.

Hello, I’m the author of this website.  My name is Kyong-Mi Dillard.  My first name is a Korean name and it’s pronounced “Kee-young-Me.”  Say it fast.  It’s a lot more simple than how it looks.  I’m originally from Long Beach, California and living in Salem, Oregon by way of Hawai‘i.  I went to school for Massage Therapy, business, and social anthropology of Native Americans and Indigenous Canada, and am currently doing clerical work for a residential park.  My hobbies include hiking, baking, and collecting mid-century to modern tiki items.  I also watch American football.  Go, Pack, Go!

My husband’s name is Trevor.  I will periodically mention him throughout this site.  He is from O‘ahu, Hawaii (lived islandwide).  He always tells Mainlanders whom are not familiar with his accent or Pidgin dialect, “I’m from Hawaii, all my life.”  He loves Green Bay Packers, Jawai‘ian music, movies, reading, tattooing, cooking Polynesian and Asian cuisine, and traveling.

Together, we enjoy entertaining friends, visiting friends, relaxing, cooking together, taking pictures of everything, finding niche restaurants to try, and roadtripping.

We have a huge family, which includes hanai family as well.  I have 3 biological children named Sienna, Kalib, and Christopher.  I have 5 step-children that are Trevor’s named Mercy, Malie, Konane, Trevor, and Lucas.  I have one grandson, Stellan.  To us, there’s no such thing as “step.”  I, most likely, will not mention much more of our children as we do like to keep some things private.