5 Best Massage Guns for Under $100

It is very important to do your homework after your massage treatments, to continue healing or maintaining what your therapist has assisted you with. Sometimes, that includes having to massage yourself after your exercises and stretches. My personal physical therapist in Oregon used to have me hold a massage gun to my Iliotibial bands (IT Bands) while in mid-stretch. Stretches were to be held for at least 30 seconds for best results.

When I got back to California, my coworkers were using a massage gun between clients. I thought why not? So, here’s a list of the 5 best massage guns for under $100.

The DDVWU Deep Tissue Muscle Massager has one of the highest ranking reviews on the internet. It lasts 8-15 hours on a single charge, has 12 massage heads, and 7 speed levels. It is also considerably quiet compared to other massages, and comes with a carrying case.

The TOLOCO Upgrade Percussion Muscle Massage Gun has 20 speed levels, 15 replaceable massage heads, and has an ergonomic silicon handle. It’s lightweight and comes with a carry case. It probably has the most reviews online of the 5 massage guns.

The Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun has an LED panel, super quiet and portable, has a 3-6 hour run time on lithium batteries, 5 levels of intensity with 8 massage heads. It also comes with a 100% Satisfaction Lifetime Warranty.

The FlyBy Percussion Muscle Massager has 50 pounds of pressure for a 1.8 pound tool. It has 3 powerful speeds, and comes with a 4+ hour rechargeable battery. It comes with 6 interchangeable massage heads, and is quiet.

The FlyBy F2Pro Percussion Muscle Massager is an upgrade from the FlyBy Percussion Muscle Massage (view in list) and has approximately 2,800 strokes per minute. It comes with a rechargeable battery that has 3.5+ hours of battery power. There are 5 powerful speeds and 4 interchangeable massage heads. It is also quiet and lightweight.