What I Value About My Work

I was recently asked what I value most about my line of work. I enjoy positive feedback. When I worked in retail, I would say at least once a week, I’d have a disgruntled customer come to my line. The lines were too long, the prices were ridiculous, store was too messy, there aren’t enough employees, etc.

In massage therapy, if I get a complainer, it’s very rare. This is such a rewarding career. In the spa atmosphere, clients usually walk away feeling relaxed, better, or energized. They usually love the escape from home. If it were a gift, it was the perfect gift.

In the clinical setting, patients usually come to me with concern about their well-being. If I’m working with a doctor, the patient usually does begin to feel better with the multiple types of treatment they receive (chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, etc). It’s always great to watch patients get better with each treatment and to be a part of the team that helped them.

As opposed to resort spas, the neighborhood spa and clinic offers an opportunity to really connect with a client/patient. They usually come back and you get to know every individual on a personal level, and really understand why they have the need for relaxation or help with pain. In a resort setting, people are on vacation and so you don’t really get to see them again. But, even then, they still usually make me feel like an important part of their vacation.

Therefore, what I value most about being a massage therapist, is the way I can help others feel better, and the praises that are received. It’s such a rewarding career. I feel VALUED almost all the time.