Shiatsu is one of my most favorite modalities to do.  No oils or undress need to happen for a traditional Shiatsu.  It’s traditionally done on the floor, but I mix it into my regular oil massages on the table.  I feel like it is very vital for a massage treatment.

What shiatsu is?
Shiatsu is a Japanese bodywork derived off the older Japanese bodywork of Anma which is based off traditional Chinese healing methods.  Shiatsu applies finger and palm pressure at the acupoints to improve wellness, by reduction of stress and improving blood flow.  The blocked chi (energy) along the meridians which are called tsubo points in Japanese, are pressed and released.  This helps assist the body in relieving stress and fatigue.  With these releases, range of motion and coordination are improved as well.

Unlike massage treatments that stay off the spine, Shiatsu pressure may be applied gently to the spine and along the spine.  The gentle pressure helps relieve muscle tension and pain.

There are so many chronic and acute disorders that shiatsu can relieve such as fibromyalgia, constipation, headaches and migraine, and anxieties linked to irritable bowel syndrome and heart issues.  It is NOT to replace medical care such as what your doctor ordered or prescriptions you are supposed to take.