Scope of Practice

Scope of practice is the range of techniques and practices a person can do in a job, that they are trained in.  A lot of clients have asked things outside of my scope of practice as they don’t truly understand the difference between a chiropractor, a nurse, or a massage therapist.  A chiropractor is a doctor.  A massage therapist is not.  A massage therapist is also not a nurse.  Chiropractors and nurses can massage, but a massage therapist cannot do what Chiropractors do, nor what nurses do.

Massage means to rub the muscles.  So, in essence, Massage Therapists are people who went to school to learn how to manipulate muscles by applying pressure, palpation, effleurage, petrissage, kneading, holding, positioning, mobilizing, and stretching; for circulation, for relaxation, for pain relief, etc.

What we (or I) do NOT do is:
adjust (crack/pop) your bones (at least not on purpose)
diagnose (we will not tell you you have a disease or disorder)
we don’t x-ray
we don’t prescribe medications
we also don’t do massage or bodywork modalities we are not certified for

Massage and Bodywork I am trained in:
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue
Hot Stone Therapy
Crystal Therapy
Lomi Lomi
This list will be updated on a separate page on this website, eventually, as I continue learning and updating my techniques.