Don’t Waste Energy

There’s not enough time in this world to stay angry. If the last thing you said to someone or did to someone wouldn’t be something you’d say or do to them on their deathbed, don’t say it or do it.

Always say, “I love you,” and “thank you.”

Even if it’s negative, there’s always a positive in gratefulness.  Someone can hurt you emotionally, but remember, hurt people hurt people.  Take the pain and throw it away, immediately.  If you cannot thank them out loud, thank them internally.  Take every experience as a learning experience.  If it is the end of a relationship, you will go into all relationships knowing something new.  An end can become the beginning of something great.

Stop worrying about the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, and think about the positives. You can’t change the past, but every minute ahead is the future.  

Send aloha, even if it is not reciprocated.

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