Flowering succulentsThis plant is called a Kalanchoe (phonetically: Kallan-ko-ee) blossfeldiana.  It’s also known as Florist Kalanchoe and Flaming Katy.  I love the latter name and will mention my plant as a Flaming Katy.

The Flaming Katy’s in the picture were received from my nephew Daniel and his lady Pam as a celebratory gift to me and Trevor.

The bumblebee accessories are such a cute add-on. 

I knew nothing about the Flaming Katy at first but am rapidly falling in love with this floral succulent.

Come to find out, it is a popular flowering succulents for those who love indoor plants.  You can pretty much find the Kalanchoe in any store that sells succulents such as garden centers in your local Walmart, Target, grocery store, lumber stores, and at your local nurseries.

They come in a variety of colors: red, orange, yellow, magenta, pink, and white.  Whites are found closer to end of year holidays.

My Flaming Katy came in a 6 inch pot and am told it can grow to about 12 inches.

They love bright, natural light.  Medium to high light should be fine as long as the Kalanchoe is not in direct sunlight.  The more light you have, the prettier your flowers.  Just keep them OUT of a hot windowsill because your plant will burn.

Low light conditions prevent the flowers from fully blossoming and the foliage can become gangly.  If you have low light, and are out shopping for Kalanchoe plants, find the ones that are as blossomed as possible.

Kalanchoes need good drainage for a successful growth.  You should let your Kalanchoes drain out and water every 2 weeks.  There is no need for misting, spritzing, or spraying your plants unless they look dusty or dirty.  

If your Kalanchoe came in a decorative pot with no drainage holes, or wrapped in plastic or foil, you will need to repot it in a pot with drain holes to avoid root rot.

I live in chilly to cold, primarily rainy Oregon.  It is not the ideal weather for my Flaming Katy.  The Kalanchoe thrives in comfortable temperatures.  The hotter you keep your house, the faster your flowers will bloom, but also the shorter your blooms.  My cool home keeps my Flaming Katy lasting a bit longer.

Fertilizer isn’t really needed, but fresh vegetable compost in the spring is great.  Balanced organic houseplant fertilizer is ok if your Kalanchoe needs it.  I just stick with compost, though.  Do not add fertilizers during Autumn or Winter, because fertilizer promotes new growth, and the cold season is when the Kalanchoe needs rest.  Also, avoid over fertilization to avoid salt built-up that can severely injure your plant’s roots.  You’ll notice burn by the brown hue that will form on your leaves. Do NOT add fertilizer on stressed plants (overly moist, overly dry).

I use a mixture of soil.  1/2 Succulent-Cacti mix with 1/2 potting soil.  Some compost is fine, as I use it as a top soil, to “feed” my Flaming Katy.  I avoid using plain potting soil because it doesn’t dry out enough.




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